Summer Game Dev 2018 – Games

Ipaka's Trial


Young native american boy undertaking a rite of passage to enter adulthood.  The game puts you onto a quest to find your inner animal spirit and lets you use shape-shifting abilities to overcome different obstacles and puzzles.

Silvia Klúčovská, Patrik Papšo, Radoslava Kráľová, Šimon Gašpar, Róbert Kica

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Mictlan: Will of the Serpent

Colden Gat

An action time pressure platformer, in which an aztec warrior born of bones of dead warriors tries to free the temple of her creator Quetzalcoatl, as well as its guardians from the grasp of a dark power of his twin. If she stops, she won't survive.

Boris Brnčal, Stephan Torres, Anna Špotová, Lenka Koplíková, Filip Leon Opuk

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Professor's Hidden Dimension (PHD)


Audience Award 

Jury Award 

Our game provides unique experience to the players. You can enjoy shooting, slowing down the time or blinking in fast-paced action 2.5D platformer with intiguing and minmimalistic environemt. Play as Jade and save her professor!

Matej Kormuth, Kristína Macková, Jozef Bečár, Martin Kovár, Martina Štammová

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Professor's Hidden Dimension


Escape from Valhalla


A Viking-pacifist accidentally got into the warrior-heaven Valhalla, and now he wants out! With love and peace as his only weapons, getting past a horde of tough, dead Vikings and mischievous ravens is not an easy task. Help our gentle hero pacify his enemies with hugs and kisses, and find the way out of heaven!

Martin Novák, Ivan Agarsky, Tatiana Vojteková, Michaela Šimonová, Marek Mura

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